We ENDORSE Janet Nguyen for Supervisor

“Supporting Senator Janet Nguyen early in this election was an easy decision for our members. Janet is the best choice for Supervisor. Janet Nguyen has a long-standing record from City Council all the way to the State Senate of fighting for the issues that are important to Orange County’s voters and that’s why she has been routinely reelected and has our full support.”

-Teresa Hernandez,

Lincoln Club President

“At every level of government, Senator Nguyen has broken down barriers and been widely recognized for her leadership and for championing commonsense policies that promote freedom, safety and economic growth for all. Senator Nguyen is a gem in our community and the right person to represent the people of the First District.”

-Lucy Rawlins,

Orange County New Majority Chairwoman

“Everywhere she has served, Senator Janet Nguyen has been a champion for the issues important to young professionals – economic growth, lower taxes, and personal freedom. Janet Nguyen is the only suitable candidate to win this critical election and represent the First District.”

-Austin Edsell,

President and Chair of the Orange County Young Republicans

Senator Kelly Seyarto
Assemblyman Phil Chen
Assemblywoman Diane Dixon
Assemblywoman Laurie Davies
Assemblywoman Katie Sanchez
Former Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh
Former Senate Republican Leader
Pat Bates
Fountain Valley Councilmember
Jim Cunneen
Fountain Valley Councilmember Patrick Harper
Fountain Valley Councilmember
Ted Bui
Garden Grove Councilmember
Stephanie Klopfenstein
Garden Grove Councilmember
Cindy Tran
Former Garden Grove Councilmember
Phat Bui
Huntington Beach Mayor
Tony Strickland
Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tem
Gracey Van Der Mark
Huntington Beach Councilmember
Pat Burns
Huntington Beach Councilmember
Casey McKeon
Huntington Beach City Attorney
Michael Gates

Paid for by Janet Nguyen for Supervisor 2024

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